2010, an important year

Today it’s 2010. It’s got a nice sci-fi ring to it, hasn’t it? :)

2010 is going to be a very important year for Driver Database as it will really decide the direction the website will be going. I’m going to work on a lot of new features that hopefully will see the light of day during January. The goal for 2010 is for me to be able to work more on the website, and for me to be able do that I need to generate some revenue. As it is now Driver Database is a full time job that has to be done on my spare time. This was okay when I had a lot of spare time but I don’t anymore.

The things with the biggest priority right now is to get the “Premier Profiles” ready for launch. Drivers (or their managers) will then be able to extend their prescense on Driver Database a bit with biographies, presentations of their sponsors, Youtube clips, driver’s latest tweets, links to Facebook fan-pages, Q&A’s, external blog feeds, published press releases and perhaps most importantly high priority when it comes to updates of data and photos. These extended profiles will be available for a very reasonable yearly charge.

More to come on that as it progresses.

2010 has started with even more snow outside the Driver Database office window. And no, that’s not my truck. ;)

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