NZ and another driver blog migrated

As it’s the off season there’s not too many results that have to be reported every day I decided to extend the NZ coverage a bit by adding the New Zealand MINI Challenge to the list of series to do coverage for (NZV8′s, Posche GT3, Formula Ford and Toyota Racing Series are the other ones). It’s one of those descisions that I know will come back and haunt me this spring when 2,000 other championships start and tries to grab my attention. Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for the sport) they seem to have a pretty weak field this year with less than ten cars, so it shouldn’t be that much more work to keep up with.

While adding the MINI Challenge I also stumbled across another effect of the changing of character sets on the website. Since I’m Swedish I tend to use a lot of Swedish words as variable names in the code, and since PHP really doesn’t mind foreign characters in variable names I’ve sometimes used a couple of å’s, ä’s and ö’s, eventhough it’s probably bad practice and frowned upon. The problem with the change of character set is that when one of these variables are passed through a web form (for example adding a driver) the variable called $exämple suddenly becomes $ex�mple and the script that processes the form then has no idea what’s going on and $exämple ends up being completely blank. It’s simple enough to fix by just renaming the variable, but perhaps there are more of these places in the code. Time will tell. ;)

I also migrated another driver blog from my own system to the new WordPress MU setup. This time it was our Mexican friend Rodrigo Marbán who now has a “new” blog. It’s been a while since his last update though. Come back Rodrigo, we miss you! :)

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