Submissions queue

I went through a couple of entries (62 of them) in the submissions queue and the New Drivers and the Driver Edits queues are now a thing of the past. Next up is the career edits where there’s 80 entries waiting impatiently. While I was at it I wrote a little script that now allows all Level 2 members (which currently are me, Ross K, Bertil Å, Dirk K, Urs S, Erick R, Erik H, Jari H, Otto H, and Federico G) – not just me – to approve or decline Fan Messages, New Drivers and Driver Edits. Hopefully these queues will move a little quicker thanks to those members. I will add permissions for the other submissions (career, photos etc) later on, it just needs a little more work before I let anyone else play with it.

I also added a few helmet photos. Still plenty of those waiting to be added though.

02:50. I need sleep.

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