It’s been a few days

It’s been a few days since the last post in this update blog. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any updates though.

The work with the Premier Profiles is making progress. At the moment I’m working on getting the tools ready on the “Submit info” page. Once those are working like they should – and easy to work with – I’ll have a go at the Payment options. First off I’m going to offer payment with PayPal as it’s in my opinion is the easiest and most well spread way of online payment available for small businesses. That it works with credit card payments without the need for a PayPal account in many countries is of course a plus as well. So, the priority is in getting to know the PayPal API so it’s easy to upgrade a regular driver profile into a shiny new Premier Profile. I’ll have a look at different payment options later on as I know PayPal isn’t the preferred choice for everyone.

I’ve now only a few driver blogs left to migrate to the new system, so most bloggers can now use their new blogs. Matt Cherrington blogged yesterday about his 2010 plans and I helped out Rory Butcher with adding his header image to his blog.

I stumbled across a few more character encoding issues and fixed them. Hopefully there’s not too many left now…

I also like to congratulate Raed Raffii and the Meezer Group team for their great results in the latest round of the Chevrolet Supercars Middle East championship. The Driver Database stickers are helping, of course! ;)

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