Spamming “Most Buzz”

I thought I’d take a few moments to explain how the “Most buzz” list and the “popularity” ranking works. It’s really simple, it counts the number of unique pageviews a driver’s profile page gets. This is nothing scientific at all, but it does give some sort of yard stick as to which driver is the most talked about, and therefor mostly researched driver at Driver Database. This works unless people with nothing better to do start spamming their profile pages to get better ranking in these lists.

So, what are the measures taken to limit this?

Here’s how it basically works:

Once per day (when most buzz gets updated) a script runs and triggers when it finds what it believes to be “unnatural” hits based on the surfing pattern of the visiting IP address. It then counts the unnatural hits and the natural hits for each profile page. If a profile page has only 10% (for example) of its hits coming from natural visits, the following day only 10% of the total hits will be counted. The next day this number might be 20% and then 20% of the hits will be counted the day after.

It’s simple, really, if you try to inflate the view count, you will have to work a little bit harder each day as the script adapts to the new percentages. And when you’re down at 0.1% you do the maths on how many times you need to change your dynamic IP to get a pageview…

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