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A few updates

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I’ve made a few updates today. The most important one is that the level 2 members can now merge duplicate driver profiles. It’s probably a bit buggy as some parts of it is more or less untested. I did however manage to merge profiles twice without any problems. Oh well, time will tell. ;)

I fixed the bug where driver’s homepages were removed when updating their profile data. It was probably the most stupid bug I’ve ever had the pleasure of both adding and removing.

Now the driver’s nicknames/pseudonyms are visible in the search results.

Over and out.

Premier Profiles are go!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The Premier Profiles are now up and running. You can have a look at Raed Raffii‘s page who’s got a few of the new features going, such as the biography, Q&A, sponsors page, YouTube page and Twitter tweets.

As you can see in “most buzz” and in the “Top 2010 race winners”, the Premier Profile drivers can turn on extra visibility and get their name in bold text on the website.

Perhaps most importantly though is that the Premier Profile drivers have extra super mega top priority when it comes to getting their submitted data (and photos) published.

Also, from now on only the drivers with Premier Profiles will get their press releases published.

There are more things planned for the PP’s, so stay tuned for that.

More reading and how to upgrade a standard profile page:
Premier Profiles

The finishing touches

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Premier Profiles today and you might stumble across some new stuff while browsing the site today. The drivers with Premier Profiles will have some more exposure on the front page (and in the side columns on all pages, for that matter) and I just completed the first of the front page features. Nothing fancy, just a random racing related question, with not answers from up to five drivers, from the Q&A pages.

If more than five drivers have answered the specific question then five random drivers will be chosen in the list – in true Driverdb style. ;)

More things to come.

Speeding things up

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The members of Driver Database with a little bit of extra trust (earned by extremely hard work and dedication) can now approve some more submissions sent in by the “regular” users. They have been able to approve fan messages, new drivers and changes to driver profiles (names, birth dates and such) for a few months now, but from today they can also approve changes that have been made to championships and non-championship races. This should hopefully mean that the queue for these entries should be considerably smaller than if I’m the only one who can approve/decline these.

The hard working members who now can approve/decline these submissions are; Bertil, Urs, Dirk, Erick, Erik, Jari, Otto, Federico and Ross. These guys all play an extremely vital role in what goes on at Driver Database and without them the database would probably be only a fraction of the size it is today.

On another note I removed the bug which prevented the cached results on the driver’s overview page to not be updated when an entry had been deleted.

To-do list

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I’ve compiled a little to-do list on a separate page on this blog. I will keep it updated with new stuff and when tasks have been completed. You are all very welcome to come with suggestions of things to improve, but try to keep it reasonable. ;)

A lot of work, very little spare time and trying to complete the Premier Profiles (which for reasons indicated earlier in this blog is quite important for the future of the web site) has made me fall back on my emailing again. But I will get back to you all as soon as I possibly can.

A few drivers can now try out their premier profile; Michael Bilyy, Cassey Watson and Jono Lester took advantage of my free try out (2 free spots are still remaining, just read the my previous blog post for more info) and they can now try it out by logging into their account and looking at all the new goodies that are now available on their profile page under the “Submit info”-link.

Also, let’s all cheer for Jono as he makes his Porsche Supercup debut this weekend in Bahrain! Good luck!
Edit: It appears that Jono will have to wait for his Supercup debut. :(

Oh, and here’s the link you’ve all been waiting for:
Things to do in 2010

Premier Profiles are ready for testing

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The long awaited premier profiles are now ready for a few days of testing. Everything is now implemented, I just need to test it out a bit before I’ll let drivers have the option of upgrading their regular boring profile into a premier profile.

With a premier profile the driver (or manager/racing mom or dad) can add their biography, presentations of their sponsors, YouTube clips,  latest tweets, links to Facebook fan-page, Q&A’s, external blog feeds, favourite links, published press releases and perhaps most importantly get top priority when it comes to updates of data and photos.

My goal with the top priority is to be able to add press releases the same business day that they are received (if they are received before 17:00 CET) and all photos and data (if they are sent in correctly) within two business days. This is just a goal however, not a guarantee, as most of the functions on Driver Database relies on me alone and I can’t guarantee that I won’t be home sick or out of the office some days of the year.

The price for a premier profile will be €40 for six months or €65 for one year (may be subject to change).

Five drivers will have the chance though to try it out right now for free though, before the proper launch (which will be a few days or so from now).

The first five drivers to comment on this blog entry with something in the likes of “Yeah! Let me try this thing out!” will get their Driver Database profile upgraded to a Premier Profile for 6 months for FREE (and there are off course no strings attached once those six months run out)!

(The drivers on Driver Database who have a nice and shiny gold medal on their profile page has already had their profiles upgraded (for one year) as a thanks for their support .)

Wanted: Sportscar Winter Series results

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I’m looking for the results of the Endurance race at Paul Ricard in December 2009 of the Sportscar Winter Series. This results from this race seems impossible to find.

It really should be easy though as there are two sources:

  1. Formula Le Mans website – with results PDF’s.
  2. Paul Ricard website – with results PDF’s.

It isn’t easy though:

1. The PDF on the Formula Le Mans website about this round contains lots and lots pages and is even called “complete results”, but results for Race 3 is mysteriously missing.

2. The PDF at the Paul Ricard website for the Endurance race looks to have been overwritten with Race 3 from the next round.

I’ve tried to contact Oreca about it, with no luck.

I’m hoping there’s someone out there with either better search skills than me or someone who actually has the results sheets for that race.

The Premier Profiles are coming soon

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I’ve made good progress on the Premier Profiles now (where drivers will be able to upgrade their driver profile with some more stuff). The things that are now working are:

  • Add a biography
  • Make comments to career entries
  • Answer questions in the Q&A
  • Add sponsors, logos and links
  • Toggle extra visibility in lists (bold) on or off
  • Add contact info
  • Add links and feeds to social media and blogs

The things that are still on the to-do lists should be quick for me to get ready as they re-use most of the code from the above points.

  • Add YouTube clips
  • Add favourite links

Once I have those completed you’ll be able to see a demo page of a premier profile in action.

Back to work! :)

Edit: Got two more things done. Only two left on the to-do-list now. :)