The Premier Profiles are coming soon

I’ve made good progress on the Premier Profiles now (where drivers will be able to upgrade their driver profile with some more stuff). The things that are now working are:

  • Add a biography
  • Make comments to career entries
  • Answer questions in the Q&A
  • Add sponsors, logos and links
  • Toggle extra visibility in lists (bold) on or off
  • Add contact info
  • Add links and feeds to social media and blogs

The things that are still on the to-do lists should be quick for me to get ready as they re-use most of the code from the above points.

  • Add YouTube clips
  • Add favourite links

Once I have those completed you’ll be able to see a demo page of a premier profile in action.

Back to work! :)

Edit: Got two more things done. Only two left on the to-do-list now. :)

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