Wanted: Sportscar Winter Series results

I’m looking for the results of the Endurance race at Paul Ricard in December 2009 of the Sportscar Winter Series. This results from this race seems impossible to find.

It really should be easy though as there are two sources:

  1. Formula Le Mans website – with results PDF’s.
  2. Paul Ricard website – with results PDF’s.

It isn’t easy though:

1. The PDF on the Formula Le Mans website about this round contains lots and lots pages and is even called “complete results”, but results for Race 3 is mysteriously missing.

2. The PDF at the Paul Ricard website for the Endurance race looks to have been overwritten with Race 3 from the next round.

I’ve tried to contact Oreca about it, with no luck.

I’m hoping there’s someone out there with either better search skills than me or someone who actually has the results sheets for that race.

3 Responses to “Wanted: Sportscar Winter Series results”

  1. Dirk kempen Says:

    it seems that some organizations just dont want their results to be known

  2. Dirk kempen Says:

    you can always email them


  3. Andreas Ã…berg Says:

    I sent them a message some time ago (through their contact form), but I haven’t heard anything. Perhaps they suffer from the same “too little time to answer all the emails”-syndrome that I unfortunately suffer from.

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