Premier Profiles are ready for testing

The long awaited premier profiles are now ready for a few days of testing. Everything is now implemented, I just need to test it out a bit before I’ll let drivers have the option of upgrading their regular boring profile into a premier profile.

With a premier profile the driver (or manager/racing mom or dad) can add their biography, presentations of their sponsors, YouTube clips,  latest tweets, links to Facebook fan-page, Q&A’s, external blog feeds, favourite links, published press releases and perhaps most importantly get top priority when it comes to updates of data and photos.

My goal with the top priority is to be able to add press releases the same business day that they are received (if they are received before 17:00 CET) and all photos and data (if they are sent in correctly) within two business days. This is just a goal however, not a guarantee, as most of the functions on Driver Database relies on me alone and I can’t guarantee that I won’t be home sick or out of the office some days of the year.

The price for a premier profile will be €40 for six months or €65 for one year (may be subject to change).

Five drivers will have the chance though to try it out right now for free though, before the proper launch (which will be a few days or so from now).

The first five drivers to comment on this blog entry with something in the likes of “Yeah! Let me try this thing out!” will get their Driver Database profile upgraded to a Premier Profile for 6 months for FREE (and there are off course no strings attached once those six months run out)!

(The drivers on Driver Database who have a nice and shiny gold medal on their profile page has already had their profiles upgraded (for one year) as a thanks for their support .)

4 Responses to “Premier Profiles are ready for testing”

  1. Michael Bilyy Says:

    pick me !.. :)

  2. Andreas Åberg Says:

    Consider yourself picked! :D

    I’ll set it up later on tonight. :)

  3. Cassey Watson Says:

    Can I finish in the top 5 please!!!! Hey only one other here this could be a podium!

  4. Jono Lester Says:

    Andreas! Mate this is right up my alley! Definitely keen to test out this wicked new system :)

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