To-do list

I’ve compiled a little to-do list on a separate page on this blog. I will keep it updated with new stuff and when tasks have been completed. You are all very welcome to come with suggestions of things to improve, but try to keep it reasonable. ;)

A lot of work, very little spare time and trying to complete the Premier Profiles (which for reasons indicated earlier in this blog is quite important for the future of the web site) has made me fall back on my emailing again. But I will get back to you all as soon as I possibly can.

A few drivers can now try out their premier profile; Michael Bilyy, Cassey Watson and Jono Lester took advantage of my free try out (2 free spots are still remaining, just read the my previous blog post for more info) and they can now try it out by logging into their account and looking at all the new goodies that are now available on their profile page under the “Submit info”-link.

Also, let’s all cheer for Jono as he makes his Porsche Supercup debut this weekend in Bahrain! Good luck!
Edit: It appears that Jono will have to wait for his Supercup debut. :(

Oh, and here’s the link you’ve all been waiting for:
Things to do in 2010

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