Speeding things up

The members of Driver Database with a little bit of extra trust (earned by extremely hard work and dedication) can now approve some more submissions sent in by the “regular” users. They have been able to approve fan messages, new drivers and changes to driver profiles (names, birth dates and such) for a few months now, but from today they can also approve changes that have been made to championships and non-championship races. This should hopefully mean that the queue for these entries should be considerably smaller than if I’m the only one who can approve/decline these.

The hard working members who now can approve/decline these submissions are; Bertil, Urs, Dirk, Erick, Erik, Jari, Otto, Federico and Ross. These guys all play an extremely vital role in what goes on at Driver Database and without them the database would probably be only a fraction of the size it is today.

On another note I removed the bug which prevented the cached results on the driver’s overview page to not be updated when an entry had been deleted.

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