The finishing touches

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Premier Profiles today and you might stumble across some new stuff while browsing the site today. The drivers with Premier Profiles will have some more exposure on the front page (and in the side columns on all pages, for that matter) and I just completed the first of the front page features. Nothing fancy, just a random racing related question, with not answers from up to five drivers, from the Q&A pages.

If more than five drivers have answered the specific question then five random drivers will be chosen in the list – in true Driverdb style. ;)

More things to come.

2 Responses to “The finishing touches”

  1. Scott Malvern Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Don’t know how I missed this. Great idea!! Would love to try it out for free if it’s still available.
    All The Best

  2. Andreas Ã…berg Says:

    Sure Scott, I’ll set it up for you tomorrow. :)

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