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Tools for complete results coverage

Monday, June 7th, 2010

I’ve now added some tools which enables all members of Level 1 and above (the members who have rights to save directly to the database without having to wait for changes to be approved by administrators) to take charge of keeping complete results coverage up to date for the championships of their choice.

By going to the championship standings page of a championship (or the race results page if it’s a non-championship race) there’s a new link under Member Tools named “Become responsible for complete coverage…”. By clicking that link and the button that appears the member takes charge of that championship.

The member can now go to their Dashboard and will see that this championship has appeared under the Coverage header.

The member can then add results, edit results, add new entries in the championship calendar, edit the calendar etc. Fun times!

There are a few more things planned to streamline things a bit, but at least there’s something to get you going. :)