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Albin adds a feature

Monday, October 25th, 2010

My son Albin, who’s now one year and four months, has had a feature request. Well, he hasn’t really been aware of the request, but the solution saves him from getting fed up.

Albin likes the Driver Datbase photo gallery as he’s really into looking at race cars (and making sound effects to them). The problem is he thinks it takes too long with loading the gallery, selectiong a photo, then going back to the gallery to select another photo. Patience is not something he’s been blessed with.

So, from now on, there’s a little icon of a die down to the right of every racing photo. One click on that icon takes you to another photo, selected at random.

Perhaps not the most important feature ever added to the website, but it sure is in the top five. ;)

Some small updates

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Registered users with +1 status (the members who can save and add new information directly to the database) have one new option under Member tools below the championship or non-championship races standings on pages for the current year. The new tool is to set championship or non-championship races as finished. When a championship is reported as finished the top three drivers will get the “Formula X champion 2010″, “Second in Formula X 2010″, or “Third in Formula X 2010″ added under either the Racing career highlights or Karting career highlights header on the front page of their profile.

It’s of extreme importance that you check any points or results so that they represent the final results before setting something as finished.

Registered users who are in charge of updating one or more series during the season will now not see them on the dashboard once they are set as finished. When having lots and lots of championships under your control the already finished ones were taking up too much space – so now we’re rid of those! :D

Moving into the cloud, possibly

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Driver Database has grown considerably this past year, which is great. What’s not so great is that it also basically means the Driver Database server needs considerable updates too. I’ve been contemplating on the way forward and I almost came to a descicion on the path ahead. The idea was to keep the current server (which now does everything) and rent a second and faster one that would only serve as the MySQL server (which is the biggest bottleneck when it comes to speed on the website). This would have the advantage that I only need to migrate the database and not the entire website. I would also stay at the current provider, JTLnet, which I only have good things to say about.

However I’m currently reconsidering this and am thinking about moving into a cloud based hosting setup from City Cloud. It would mean migrating the complete website to a whole new continent, but the benefits will probably be greater. The major benefit of cloud servers is that I would be able to upgrade the servers on the fly, adding memory, CPU cores, disk space etc when it’s needed. If the traffic, for example, is huge one day I can add an extra core, only to remove it the day after when the traffic is back to normal.

I’m going to set up a new server and evaluate it for a while, and then make a decision.