Some small updates

Registered users with +1 status (the members who can save and add new information directly to the database) have one new option under Member tools below the championship or non-championship races standings on pages for the current year. The new tool is to set championship or non-championship races as finished. When a championship is reported as finished the top three drivers will get the “Formula X champion 2010″, “Second in Formula X 2010″, or “Third in Formula X 2010″ added under either the Racing career highlights or Karting career highlights header on the front page of their profile.

It’s of extreme importance that you check any points or results so that they represent the final results before setting something as finished.

Registered users who are in charge of updating one or more series during the season will now not see them on the dashboard once they are set as finished. When having lots and lots of championships under your control the already finished ones were taking up too much space – so now we’re rid of those! :D

2 Responses to “Some small updates”

  1. Dirk kempen Says:

    The update ive long been waiting for, good work Andreas

  2. Andreas Ã…berg Says:

    Yeah, it took way too long before I got around to it. :(

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