Albin adds a feature

My son Albin, who’s now one year and four months, has had a feature request. Well, he hasn’t really been aware of the request, but the solution saves him from getting fed up.

Albin likes the Driver Datbase photo gallery as he’s really into looking at race cars (and making sound effects to them). The problem is he thinks it takes too long with loading the gallery, selectiong a photo, then going back to the gallery to select another photo. Patience is not something he’s been blessed with.

So, from now on, there’s a little icon of a die down to the right of every racing photo. One click on that icon takes you to another photo, selected at random.

Perhaps not the most important feature ever added to the website, but it sure is in the top five. ;)

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  1. Dirk kempen Says:

    Great idea Albin! maybe he should run this website ;)
    Funny new feature :)

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