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New server status update #1

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

It’s been a good while since I announced that I was looking to move Driver Database to a cloud server. Lots of things got in my way since then though and the site has been stuck on it’s old server, going slower and slower as the visitor numbers keep getting bigger.

Last month I decided it was time to start the work on the move. I haven’t really been into Linux since the late nineties so getting from a clean install to something in the regions of the current setup was trial and error hell but now everything on the server side is set up and migration of the code has begun.

There a lots of pages on Driver Database that load slowly, not just because of the current server that is not quite coping but also because of lots of database queries that when the database is as huge as it is and when there is much load on the server takes too long to process. As most of these queries are being repeated lots of time the answer is to cache them so they don’t have to go through the database server unless changes have been made. Caching is already in place on some pages (the driver overview page, for example) but there are lots of places where it’s needed.

Therefor I’ve decided not to just move the current code to the new server but to go through every part of the code to try and optimize it as much as possible. I’ll also make a few much needed changes to a couple of things. More on that later…