New server status update #2

If you can read this message it means that the DNS changes have come into effect and is actually located on the new cloud server. The plan next is to move the driver blogs over to the new server and in step three move the news blog as well. There are two reasons I’m moving the blogs first:

  1. It’s much easier and quicker to migrate them.
  2. Having the blogs on the new server will take some load off the main site (which is still struggling on the old hardware) and therefor hopefully make the main site cope a bit better until I’m ready for the big move.

Since WordPress blogs – and especially WordPress MU – can be quite resource heavy I decided to actually use two cloud servers instead of the original plans to use just one. The server that this blog now resides on will be dedicated to the three blogs (updates, news and driver blogs) while a second server will deal with the main site.

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