New server status update #4

LinuxThe updates and driver blogs have now been running on the new server for a few days. During the night the server refused to co-operate and I had to reboot it. Looking at the logs it appeared to have ran out of memory. One of the upsides of being on a cloud server is that there’s no need to physically add more RAM to the server so after a few clicks of the mouse I added another 512 MB RAM to the system.

Will monitor it closely to see if that’s enough. I think it ought to be, unless there’s a memory leak somewhere.

On another note I guess you may have seen that we suffered some data loss last Thursday. While trying to optimize a slow database table it in some weird way imploded and delete two thirds of the data. Not what I have intended, eventhough it did speed up things. ;)

The latest backup (which was four days old) was in place a few hours later and I spent all of Friday reconstructing lost connections in the database. We lost a few championship points and positions as well as team info that was added in the last couple of days but fortunately there was no major harm done.

Next up is to move the blog to the new server – hopefully without having to upgrade RAM again.

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