Driver Database on the new server

I’ve just pointed the DNS records for the main site to the new server. It may take a few hours for it to start working due to DNS caching but hopefully it will start to work for most of you shortly. I have no idea how the site will behave on the new server hardware but I’m starting out at two virtual CPUs at 2.8 GHz each and 2 GB of RAM. I’m hoping that will do for now, but there’s always the possibility of cranking it up (it will cost more, of course).

If you get to the new server you’ll see a “Driver Database is now located on a new server!” below the Members heading. I haven’t yet had time to check all the member functions so logging in and editing stuff is still offline.

If you find anything weird – PHP errors or noticies please comment on this blog post and paste the URL you got the message on. :)

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