Coverage of 2012 working

It’s now possible for trusted users to take charge of reporting complete results for 2012 championship. The 2012 season also includes the championships that starts this year but runs over the new year, i.e. 2011-12 type of championships.

It’s also quite possible to take charge of championships further into the future if you really want to plan ahead. ;)

Sorry it took so long!

2 Responses to “Coverage of 2012 working”

  1. Charles Rayhall Says:

    Great idea, thanks.
    Can someone explain to me at driver database why our updates have not ben updated? if we are doing something wrong please advise.
    Charles Rayhall
    For Sean Rayhall

  2. Andreas Ã…berg Says:

    Hi Charles,
    You’ve done nothing wrong when submitting. I’ve been meaning to get it updated but needed to have some time so that I could get the race count correct. I’ve updated the information now with a few question marks. If you could go to Sean’s careers details page and have a look at 2011 and perhaps fill in missing race info by using the red edit buttons next to every entry. It’s important that no races gets counted twice so if there are races that are part of several championships it gets a bit tricky. If that is the case, send me an email at and we’ll sort it out. :)

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