Small but important fix to the biographies

As some of you have noticed there were parts of the site that startedbehaving a bit strange when we moved to the new server. I’ve hunted down and fixed a lot of issues as I’ve come across them and I have now fixed an issue with the Premier Profiles where some entries sent into the Biography section don’t get saved in the database. If you’ve come across that problem, try it again and I’m hopefull it will work now. :)

2 Responses to “Small but important fix to the biographies”

  1. wyatt gooden Says:

    When Wyatt Gooden’s name is put into the driver search nothing comes up but 5 days ago it showed me as number 1 for “most buzz”…what happened

  2. Andreas Ã…berg Says:

    The search box only works for the family name, so if you put “Gooden” you will appear. :)

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