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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

PreviewThere’s been a while since I posted anything here. That, however, doesn’t mean things haven’t been going on. There are two major things going on at the moment:

1. A new and improved version of the website. It’s a fresh redesign and a complete rewrite of all the code with the aim of bringing Driver Databse into the modern age. The users with Admin priveleges will soon be able to test things out once I have a few more pieces running and will then be able to help out with feedback so that we can shape the site into something we will hopefully all like.

2. I’ve begun working on an Android app which will be some sort of Driver Database Light. A quick and easy way to look up drivers without having to bother with the browser on your Android phone/pad. This will be my first attempt at an app and I have already started to remember why me and Java never were friends back at university. So things might progress slowly with this project.

We have some spam issues going on at the moment. People/bots are signing up and submitting spam instead of the usual new drivers / new data. This isn’t an issue for the end users as nothing gets published from new users until they have been approved by admins on the site but it’s a bit annoying for us admins. I’m now banning a few IP adresses and will take further measures on the new site.